TRAKT as an organization since its beginning stands on the pillars of volunteering. Members of the association are often involved in the activities of the association of volunteers who have the opportunity directly participate in various projects. The motivation of volunteers is a good feeling to acquire new experiences, skills and knowledge. These activities can be used later, in organizing cultural events, management, marketing or directly in art. Each member of TRAKT appreciates his volunteer work above everything else, and appreciates any help which has already been given us by a lot of people and still provided, for which they deserve our sincere thanks.

Organization of volunteers activities

Master of Art Štefan Oliš, a founder and a secretary of association is responsible for the work with volunteers. His main activity is the coordination of volunteers, their training, providing of information and background for the volunteers. The aim of coordinator is a mutual satisfaction, adequate information and communication.

How to become a TRAKT volunteer?

Civic association TRAKT has continuously many unfinished projects, which are eligible to participate in volunteering. Volunteer recruitment for vacant positions is carried out continuously. If you are interested in volunteering, contact the coordinator email: olis@trakt.sk

Categories for volunteer positions available:

  • management, marketing, PR manager
  • project developer
  • graphic designer, programmer, software expert
  • translator
  • accountant
  • visual artist

The volunteers we work with:

Karolína PoláčkováTereza RepkováIvana Juríčková, Lenka Hrnčárová, Simona Ježíková, Veronika Blahová, Kristína Žuchová, Tereza Seidlová, Silvia Mišáková, Monika Hararová, Vanesa Hoštáková (KC Aktivity), Mária Košútová (KC Aktivity), Kristína Racková (KC Aktivity), Magdaléna Poláčková (KC Aktivity), Lenka Mišovcová (KC Aktivity), Nora Hochlová, Patrik Kubizna, Matúš Krajčo, Markéta Rajnincová, Petronela Vranová, Vanesa Hoštáková, Sofia Chorvátová, Simona Lengvarská, Emma Martináková, Izabela Vydrnáková and others.

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